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Tired of disorganized job searches and endless rejections?

The Job Seeker's Toolbox can make your job search 1000% easier. 


I'm James Cooper, and I help job seekers like you land better jobs, faster.

I've hired hundreds of candidates in the engineering space as a recruiter.


I later took that knowledge and expertise built up through years of hiring and decided to work with job seekers directly, helping them overcome the struggles of the job search.

Since then, I've worked with over 1,000 job seekers as a career coach and resume writer. I've helped people like you land jobs at renowned companies like Amazon, KPMG, and Price Waterhouse Cooper. 

What's in The Job Seeker's Toolbox?

Track Your Jobs

Organize applications, track deadlines, and follow up easily.

20+ Hidden Job Boards

Uncover job opportunities beyond the usual suspects.

Master the Job Interview

Learn the secrets to interview success and land the job.

Resume Writer's Handbook

Craft a compelling resume that gets you noticed by employers.

Stellar LinkedIn Profile

Learn to create a professional headline and about me section for your LinkedIn profile (with examples). 

Create the perfect resume

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✅ Create a professional resume


✅ Learn how to tailor your resume to the job


✅ Guidance for every section of your resume


✅ Learn how to format it for ATS compliance

Master the Job Interview

✅  Perfect your elevator pitch 

✅  Answer Any Behavioral Question


✅  Prepare thoughtful questions for interviewers. 

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Track your Job Applications

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✅  Track your job applications in one place 

✅ Track jobs from application to job offer

✅  Never miss an interview!

Create a Powerful LinkedIn

✅  Learn to write the perfect headline for your LinkedIn profile

✅ Write an About Me section that tells your story and attracts recruiters.


Access over 20 hidden job boards

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Bonus Content

You'll also get access to a database of professional communication templates you can use for every situation, such as reaching out to a recruiter, asking for a referral and more. 

On top of that, you'll be able to add your contact info to the #opentowork list, which is then given to recruiters all over North America. 

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What real people have said...

It'll save you hundreds of dollars and countless hours...

I designed this tool to be complete. With 16+ years of career consulting experience, I've helped over 1,000 job seekers land jobs. I know a thing or two about the most common pain points. This toolbox addresses nearly all of them, including: 

  • How to write a resume that turns heads

  • How to create a powerful LinkedIn headline and About Me section

  • How to succeed in the job interview and answer those tough questions

  • How to negotiate a higher salary (and earn $10K or even $20K more)

  • What you should do right after getting laid off

  • How to organize your job search so you don't miss out on opportunities 

The interview prep alone saves you from hiring a $200/hour career coach! 

Ready to turn your job search around?

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