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The Job Seeker's Toolbox

This toolbox is the only thing you'll need for your job search. Here's what's in it:


The Job Interview Guide


  • Tell Better Career Stories: Learn how to create a powerful elevator pitch and answer the question all recruiters ask: "Tell me about yourself". 
  • Answer Any Behavioral Question. Figure out how to come up with effective answers to just about any behavioural question you can think of with a framework that works every time.
  • "Why do you want to work here?" Learn how to answer this question honestly and convince interviewers to hire you on the spot!
  • Create powerful questions for interviewers. Demonstrate you're ahead of the pack with your own list of questions that show the interviewer you know your stuff!


The Resume Writer's Guide


  • Learn how to create a head-turning resume that passes ATS filters and captures recruiters' attention with keywords woven into high impact stories.
  • This guide includes instructions on how to write every single aspect of your resume, from the contact info and summary all the way down to the education section, and everything in between. 


The Layoff Survival Guide


  • Learn about the critical steps you can take 24 hours, one week, and beyond following a layoff. 


Hidden Job Boards 


  • Uncover over 20 hidden job boards that you can use to discover new job opportunities in your field. 


Market Research Tools


  • Never walk into an interview again without first knowing what you're worth. 
  • Discover the top recruiting firms in Canada and the US
  • Access the 'Companies Hiring' database to learn about companies that are looking for job seekers like you. 


And much, much more!

The Job Seeker's Toolbox

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