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Writing a resume can be a pain...

  • What if I haven't written one in a while?

  • How do I sell my achievements without overdoing it?

  • How do I know which experiences should be included?

My Resume Writer's Handbook is designed to help you tackle these challenges and dozens more. With 38-pages of content, it covers everything you need to know, from content and tone, to page length and font selection. 

From the team with 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot!

I've helped hundreds of professionals land rewarding jobs!

"...after only a week of job searching during the holidays nonetheless, I have 2 interviews set up for the coming week!"

-Justin, Insurance Professional

"...With the resume and cover letter from Final Draft Resumes, I received more responses and feedbacks."

-Eliana, Data Scientist

"...Within just a few weeks I was offered a dream role with a sizable income boost within my chosen profession!"

-Davenport, Manager

What's inside?

38 pages of detailed tips and advice covering everything you need to know to write the perfect resume!


The full breakdown: 

  1. Resume Content

  2. Resume Sections

  3. Name and Contact Information

  4. Your Brand

  5. The Purpose of Your Professional Summary

    • Positioning Your Summary

    • How Long Should Your Summary Be?

  6. How to Write an Engaging Profile?

    • The Present​

    • The Past

  7. Testimonials​

  8. Core Competencies

  9. Qualifications

  10. Experience

    1. Using the C.A.R. Technique

    2. Descriptive Paragraphs

  11. Education

  12. Volunteering

  13. Interests

  14. Technical Skills

  15. Personal Information

  16. References

  17. Formatting

    • Length​

    • Fonts

    • Alignment

    • Margins

    • Photos

  18. Graphic Resumes​

  19. Applicant Tracking Systems

  20. Submitting Your Resume

    • Online Job Portals

    • Email Applications

  21. Review and Proofreading

You'll also get a professional, ATS friendly template to kickstart your job search!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Any professional that's struggling to generate interest from employers with their existing resume.

Resumes are still important? 

Absolutely. While digital profiles like LinkedIn are becoming more popular, the resume is still king when it comes to online applications. 

Why should I listen to you anyways?

I'm James, a 15-year veteran in the talent acquisition and career services industry. I've reviewed and written thousands of resumes as both a recruiter and resume writer, for professionals at top companies like Google, Amazon, KPGM, PwC, and Netflix. 

What will I learn in this ebook?

The job search process is a sales game, and you're the product. You'll learn how to create content that sells your best traits to the employer, from writing style to word choices, I cover everything. 

How much is this resume writing guide?


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