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5 popular GPT resume builders

Updated: Jul 2

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GPT resume builders are revolutionizing the job application process, especially since the advent of Chat GPT resume builders and other AI resume generators. These tools leverage advanced language models like GPT-4 to help job seekers craft professional resumes with ease.

And while some resume builders existed even before then, it wasn’t until large language models like ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini were released to the public that we started to see this space explode. As a resume writer who manages a resume writing agency, I can tell you that there are now probably hundreds of resume builders out there.

And that’s good, right? More options to choose from, more competition, better pricing, all of which are better for the end user.

But if you’ve ever spent an hour scrolling Netflix only to turn off the TV, you know that with so many options, choosing becomes more difficult.

In today’s post, I’m going to shine a light on what I think are the five best GPT resume builders out there.

Review Criteria

I’m reviewing these GPT resume builders based on several important metrics, such as:

  • ATS compatibility: This is important if you want your data to be properly read by employer screening software (ATS).

  • Affordability: Budget-friendly options are a must.

  • AI capabilities: Leveraging GPT-4 and other AI technologies for advanced features.

  • Option for human review: Ensuring a professional touch is available.

  • Additional features: Extra tools like cover letter builders, scoring metrics, and more.

Resumatic (Winner)


  • ATS friendly templates

  • Built in AI, powered by GPT

  • Cover letter and resignation letter writer

  • Cool features: Keyword targeting, content analysis, resume scoring, import your LinkedIn profile, job listing targeting, and the option for review by professional resume writers


  • Only one option for fancy templates (non-ATS friendly)

  • Most ATS templates are similar


  • Monthly options starting with a free version that gives you 3 free downloads and 6,000 free AI credits

  • $3/month for the basic version with unlimited downloads

  • $29/month for the pro version which includes a free monthly review by a professional resume writer and unlimited AI credits

  • $129 for lifetime access

Why I think it’s the winner

You’ll notice that most of these tools sport similar features with various levels of capability, but the one thing that makes Resumatic stand out from amongst them all is the fact that you have the option of having your resume reviewed by a professional resume writer, which brings in a human element that none of the other builders offer.

KickResume (Runner Up)


  • Offers a wide variety of professional templates (40+ options)

  • AI-powered resume writer to help generate content

  • Free option available with basic features

  • Easy-to-use interface suitable for beginners

  • Includes a cover letter builder and website maker


  • Many templates are not ATS friendly

  • Limited customization options in the free version

  • AI functionality needs improvement according to some users

  • Some users find it overpriced for the features offered

  • Pre-written content may limit creativity


  • Free version includes unlimited downloads and 4 resume/cover letter templates

  • $19/month includes 40+ templates, 7 personal website templates, and AI writer


  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality

  • Offers expert tips and suggestions while building your resume

  • Provides a resume score and improvement suggestions

  • Includes cover letter builder and multiple format downloads


  • Most templates are not ATS friendly

  • No completely free option (14-day trial only)

  • Limited template customization options

  • Some users report difficulties canceling subscriptions

  • Pricing can be considered high for long-term use


  • Free to try

  • $3 for a 14-day trial

  • $10/month for ongoing access


  • Quick and easy resume creation process

  • Large selection of industry-specific templates

  • Provides helpful content suggestions based on job titles

  • Offers a cover letter builder


  • Most templates are not ATS friendly

  • Limited free features (must pay to download)

  • Some users find the templates too basic or generic

  • Upselling tactics can be aggressive

  • Auto-renewal subscription model may catch users off guard


  • Free to try

  • $3 for a 14-day trial

  • $8/month for ongoing access (billed annually at $95/year)


  • Extensive library of pre-written phrases and bullet points

  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the resume building process

  • Offers a variety of templates for different industries

  • Includes a cover letter builder


  • Most templates are not ATS friendly

  • No completely free version (14-day trial only)

  • Some users find the interface cluttered or confusing

  • Limited customization options for formatting

  • Pricing can be considered high compared to some competitors


  • 14-day trial: $1.45 for 14 days, then $24.95 monthly.

  • Annual: $5.95 per month, or $71.40 per year.

Choosing the best resume builder

At the end of the day, a resume's job is to achieve one thing and one thing only: market you successfully to recruiters and generate interviews.

With the exception of Resumatic, all options reviewed don't focus enough on ATS compliance, a crucial part of the resume writing process. In a nutshell, ATS is the software used by employers to collect, store, and screen applicant data. ATS like to read resumes a certain way, and if your resume isn't formatted correctly, it could get misread.

Lastly, even the best AI resume generator still can't replace the nuanced touch of a professional resume writer. If you're looking for a more human-centric approach, consider hiring someone like me.


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