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Resume writing services - Edmonton

Fun Fact: Did you know that Edmonton's river valley is 22 times the size of central park? 

resume writing services edmonton

Thinking of hiring a resume writing service in Edmonton?


If you're considering moving to Edmonton or are already an Edmontonian, you probably know about how challenging it can be to stand out in the job search process.


"A powerful resume that showcases a coherent career narrative is the most important tool in your toolbox, and a qualified resume writing service can help you do just that."


At a minimum, a professional resume writing service in Edmonton needs to meet the following standards:  

That's where we come in! We meet all of the above and more. We were even rated as a top resume writer in Edmonton by FindMyProfession!

Check out the articles below to learn how to find a qualified resume writer: 

Looking to DIY your resume? Check out our great resources below!

This is for all the DIYers out there that take pride in doing things on their own.

If you're serious about the job search, a recruiting firm could amplify your efforts

Once you've created a top-notch resume, you may want to seek out the help of recruiters for help with job placement. This will be especially worthwhile if you're an executive candidate. Some of the top recruiters in Edmonton include: 

Why Choose Final Draft Resumes?

Final Draft Resumes is a resume writing agency based in Edmonton, Alberta, serving clients across Canada and the United States. Some of the value we offer: 

  • The company was founded in 2019 by James Cooper and Alex Khamis, who have over 20 years of combined experience in recruiting and business communications and have helped thousands of clients land top jobs at top companies like Amazon, KPMG, and PWC. 

  • In 2023, Final Draft Resumes was ranked in the top 11 resume writing services by FindMyProfession

  • Over 98% of our clients receive multiple interviews within two months of using our services. 

We offer resume and LinkedIn profile writing services for all experience levels...​

We offer resume writing and LinkedIn writing services that help you take control of your brand and tell a captivating story that grabs the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. 

Our Services

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