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Resume Review - Professional

This is an excellent option if you feel your resume is nearly there, but would like to onboard a professional opinion. 


What the service is:


The resume review is just that - a comprehensive review of your existing resume with a focus on:


  • Your brand messaging,
  • How focused and targeted your content is,
  • The quality of the information you provide,
  • Basics like spelling and grammar,
  • What you're doing right, and 
  • What you should avoid.


What you'll receive:


A seperate document that provides you with findings on the above-noted items and recommendations for addressing outstanding issues with your resume.


This review will help you tighten up your language and create a targeted marketing message for your career objective. 


How it works:


Once you complete your purchase, send your resume in Word/PDF/Google Docs format along with your stated target job to James will review your resume and provide you with his suggestions.




The turnaround time for the service is 7 business days from receipt of payment as well as the necessary documents. 


Once you receive the review document, the process is considered concluded. There are no drafts or revisions, as the product you receive is considered James' opinion of what would work best for your given situation. 


Resume Review - Professional

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