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James' Interview Prep System

James' Interview Prep System'  - Survive the first round interview and live to tell about it!


With 15 years of experience as a resume writer, former recruiter, and career coach, I've screened thousands of resumes and helped over 800 people get hired in just the last 4 years alone.


Now, I'm sharing my expertise in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow system that's guaranteed to transform your interview performance. 


At $199, this guide is an absolute steal - there's enough content in here to cover over $2000 in interview coaching! 


Here's what you'll get with the 'James' Interview Prep System 


✅ A step-by-step guide that equips you with the confidence and know-how to ace the first round interview. 


Detailed workbooks to guide you through the processes of: 


✅ Developing a captivating professional narrative you can use during interviews


✅ Prepping 5 projects/achievements in the forefront of your mind, in enough fidelity to be able to use them as ammo during the interview


✅ Developing a framework to masterfully respond to tough behavioural interview questions


✅ Creating thoughtful questions for the interviewer, so that you appear interested and engaged


Bonus Content: 


✅ A repository of over 100 behavioural interview questions for covering leadership, project management, conflict resolution, and more


✅ Worksheets to help you with track your job search, career changes, and determine whether companies are a fit for you culture-wise


✅ Referral strategy - how to land referrals from insiders 


✅ Communication templates for every situation you can imagine!


James' Interview Prep System

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