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An oil & gas resume writing service you can count on


The oil and gas industry is very broad and employs hundreds of professionals in engineering, research and development, business management, financial analysis, and trades. The industry is also comprised of multiple sub industries called 'upstream' and 'downstream' industries, which refer to a company's location in the supply chain.


One thing that all professionals in this field share is the ability to work well under pressure within multimillion-dollar infrastructure environments. Operations staff often work under hazardous conditions that require exceptional knowledge of and adherence to safety regulations.

Hiring an oil and gas resume writer

An expert resume writer needs to have a solid understanding of the technical concepts, terminology, and performance metrics involved in the oil and gas industry, such as upstream vs. downstream, plant shutdowns and turnarounds, and non-destructive testing.  

A good writer is like a catalyst that'll take your work experience and goals and make something great out of them. The end result is a resume that is unique to you, markets your skills, and speaks to the needs of your target audience - the employer.  

At a minimum, a writer needs to meet the following standards:  

  • Has resume samples that demonstrate a high level of quality and professionalism. 

  • Has positive reviews from past clients that are verified. 

  • Has the right experience to be able to understand and synthesize your career into a compelling resume. 

You can learn more about finding a qualified writer below: 

Why choose Final Draft Resumes?

Our resume writers are based in Alberta, the heart of the Canadian energy sector where thousands of professionals and tradespeople live and work. Not only have we worked with professionals from large enterprise companies like Cenovus and Exxon Mobile, but we've also written resumes for dozens of industry roles, including: 

  • Pipeline Design Engineer

  • Site Superintendent

  • Directional Driller

  • Director of Operations

  • Offshore & Onshore Operators

  • Rig Manager

  • Steamfitters & Pipe-fitters

  • Gas Fitter

  • Earthworks Supervisor

The Final Draft Resumes team will provide you with custom services tailored to your needs, including: 

  • Resume reviews

  • Resume rewrites

  • Cover letters

  • LinkedIn profiles 

  • Professional biographies 

About Final Draft Resumes

Final Draft Resumes is a resume writing agency based in Edmonton, Alberta. The company was founded in 2019 by James Cooper and Alex Khamis, and strives to provide professional resume services to CEOs, VPs, managers, professionals, and new graduates.

James and Alex have over 20 years of combined experience in recruiting and business communications and have to-date helped thousands of clients across the Canada and the United States land top jobs at top companies like Amazon, KPMG, and PWC.  Over 98% of our clients receive multiple interviews within two months of using our services. 

We offer resume and LinkedIn profile writing services for all experience levels...​

We offer resume writing and LinkedIn writing services that help you take control of your brand and tell a captivating story that grabs the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. 

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