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You've never needed a resume...until now

Some people make it 10 or 20 years without ever creating a resume...

Whether through referrals, networking, or simply having spent 10-20 years at one company, some folks get by for a really long time without ever having to create a resume.

When it's time to leave though, these people often have no clue where to start. What kind of information should be included? Which experiences are relevant and which aren't? This often leads to a lot of stress. 

That's where we come in!

Our Co-founder, James Cooper, has over 14 years of experience in hiring, brand development, and career services!


He's worked with countless people in situations like this and through the one-on-one consultation process, helps them discover their top experiences and when coupled with their career goals, creates captivating personal branding for them in a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. 


Check out our About Us page for a full biography of our team. 

We've worked with long-haulers (as we like to call them) from all sorts of industries, including:

We offer resume services for: