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Engineering Resume Writing Services


Engineering is a broad field with multiple sub-disciplines including software development, civil, and mechanical. Engineers assess projects in a systematic manner and employ proven principles and technologies to achieve the project objectives.


Engineers design, build, and maintain complex systems and structures, from buildings to software. While there are many disciplines within engineering, a common underlying theme is this: the desire to innovate. 

What an engineering resume writer can do for you?

Regardless of your discipline, an engineering resume writer needs to have a solid understanding of the technical concepts and terminology involved, from front and back end development in the software engineering world to finite element analysis in mechanical engineering.  

A good writer is like a catalyst that'll take your work experience and goals and make something great out of them. The end result is a resume that is unique to you, markets your skills, and speaks to the needs of your target audience - the employer.  

At a minimum, a writer needs to meet the following standards:  

  • Has resume samples that demonstrate a high level of quality and professionalism. 

  • Has positive reviews from past clients that are verified. 

  • Has the right experience to be able to understand and synthesize your career into a compelling resume. 

You can learn more about finding a qualified writer below: 


Our expert resume writers have worked alongside: 

  • Engineering directors

  • Engineering managers

  • Software engineers

  • Mechanical engineers

  • Electrical engineers

  • Structural engineers

  • Civil engineers

  • Process engineers 

  • Industrial engineers

We’ve developed resumes for professionals from companies including Microsoft, Google, Blizzard Entertainment, and Lockheed Martin.

The Final Draft Resumes team will provide you with custom services tailored to your needs, including: 

  • Resumes

  • Cover letters

  • LinkedIn profiles 

  • Professional biographies 

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