Oil & Gas Resumes

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The oil and gas industry is a very broad industry that employs hundreds of professions including engineering, research and development, business management, and financial analysis. The industry is also comprised of multiple sub industries called 'upstream' and 'downstream' industries, which refer to a company's location in the supply chain.


One thing that all professionals in this field share is the ability to work well under pressure within multi million dollar infrastructure environments. Operations staff often work under hazardous conditions that require exceptional knowledge of and adherence to safety regulations.


A resume writing service that is familiar with the oil and gas industry will be able to work with you to understand your specific area of expertise, skills, safety record, and aspirations.


Some of the oil and gas roles we write resumes for include:

  • Pipeline Design Engineer

  • Site Superintendent

  • Directional Driller

  • Director of Operations

  • Offshore & Onshore Operators

  • Rig Manager

  • Steamfitters & Pipefitters

  • Gas Fitter

  • Earthworks Supervisor


We’ve written resumes for professionals from well-known energy sector companies including Cenovus, CNRL, and Chevron.